Our Strategy

Based upon the background of the truth China is becoming the world center of manufacturing, Y&R aspires taking advantages of our extensive Chinese reach especially in the supply chain of household clean and personal care products, using our accumulated depth of foreign trading experience, market knowledge, we help brands and retailers who are willing to find the most matched products in China to achieve their purchasing or innovation targets in the field of household clean and personal care industries.
We are your reliable partner in China.


Who we are

We are manufacturer. Our development history can be traced back to the 1990s, with over 29 years growth, we are now focusing on the production of household cleaning and personal care products.
We are solution provider. We have professional teams serving customers from material research and test, packaging design, sampling, logistic operation etc. We find the most matched supplier among supply chain database when products are out of our own production range by using our leadership in the national chamber of the industry.

We are the supervisor. We own an indoor laboratory to perform product testing for each shipment. We have professional teams performing strict quality control throughout all stages of production and on spot supervision to make sure all shipments meet with customer's demand.
We are the long-term collaborator. We hope to grow up together and develop sustainably  with our customers in the long run, we focus on long-term cooperation with them not making profits just for one time business.

Y&R International (Wuhu) Industrial Ltd.

What we do

Y&R International is devoting himself to providing private label, good prices, qualified products and speed shipment to customers. Y&R focus on trading tablet, liquid, powder and gels cleaning and care products on home, auto, personal, oral, pet from our existing 263 factory chains, the number of allied factory is still increasing dramatically. With over 29 years growth, Y&R occupies the leading position in Chinese cleaning and cosmetic industry, and we were granted as council of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export Light Industry in 2017.All of our staffs are serving all of retailers, brand companies and distributors in over 70 countries with their own labels today.

Our products range covers more than 200 kinds from laundry clean to kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, toilet room, appliance clean and fresh,body clean and care,etc.They are now selling in over 50 countries.

We have an excellent team of designers who are able to offer free packaging design, video making for private labels. The team focus on creating innovative and exclusive customer-centric designs.

2,562 products and over 236 factories for option.We promise to respond inquiry within two hours. We have an independent indoor lab to perform product testing for each shipment while do R&D work.

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Y&R International (Wuhu) Industrial Ltd.

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