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Company Profile

Y & R International (Wuhu) Industrial Limited is an ISO9001 certified general industrial & trading company in China. Our company has developed from an export division of a leading detergent and cosmetic manufactory since early 1990's. Y&R got independent import and export rights. 
Y& R international is committed to professionally supplying household clean and personal care products to the places where they are needed. We always focus on laundry, home cleaning, personal hygiene, health care and beauty products covering more than 218 kinds. All products are produced under strict quality control system to meet customers' quality requirements. Our manufacturing unit has the world class R&D department to enable us to master the leading technology in the industry. Being an experienced exporter,     Y & R has established good business relationships with clients and enjoyed high reputations among customers from more than 20 countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Oceania, etc. Our products are welcomed by clients in many fields. With perfect performance, Y&R is also supplying high quality products to some multinational companies. 
Y & R has been a "family" with professional members working as sale persons, purchasers, QC persons, documentation operators, etc. All staff members have college education backgrounds from different fields to ensure our right understanding of customer's demands and meet their demands. "High efficiency, fast reaction and careful consulting services" are our business spirits. "Providing high quality products, reasonable prices and on-time delivery, to make life better" is our core work. 
"With our constant efforts, we provide the most suitable household clean and personal care products and services for families" is our mission. 
We are the Alibaba's Gold Supplier.
      芜湖亚罗国际贸易有限公司是一家ISO9001认证的国际贸易公司。本公司发展史可追溯到90年代初,原身是一家业内领先的清洁、美妆产品生产商的出口部门。 亚罗国际拥有独立的进出口资质。

      亚罗国际致力于提供专业的家庭清洁和个人护理产品。我们一直专注于洗衣,家居清洁,个人卫生,保健和美容产品,涉及品种多达218个。为满足客户的品质需求,所有产品都在严格的质量监控体系下生产。我们的制造单位拥有世界级的研发部门,确保我们掌握业内领先技术。作为一家有经验的出口商, 亚罗国际已与来自欧洲、美洲、非洲、中东、东南亚、大洋洲的20多个国家和地区的客户建立了良好的业务关系,并享有很高的声誉。我们的产品在很多领域受到客户的欢迎,2011年公司的年出口额已超过千万美元。亚罗国际正以完美的表现为多家跨国公司提供高品质的产品。





 We are Member of Alibaba Gold Supplier and Global Sources.